Clas·sis [ klįssiss ]

1. The organization of pastors and elders that governs a group of local churches;

2. The group of churches governed by such an organization.


Welcome to the official internet home of Classis Alberta North of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Organized in 1956 and incorporated as a society in the Province of Alberta in 2006, Classis Alberta North has 27 organized churches, 3 emerging churches, and a campus ministry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. A classis in the Christian Reformed denomination is a group of congregations in a geographic area which work together for the purpose of helping each other with their ministries.

The Mission of Classis Alberta North as a regional gathering of Christian Reformed churches is:

  • To assist, support, and encourage faithful and creative local ministry, promoting healthy churches;
  • To assist, support, and encourage local churches to unite in shared ministries of evangelism and diaconal involvement through denominational and common initiatives.

Its Vision is that Classis Alberta North will be a gathering of mutually supportive, healthy churches expressing the good news of God's Kingdom that transforms lives and communities.

Classis also adopted the following criteria for Classis to engage in ministries as Classis:

In order to fulfill its Mission, Classis Alberta North will develop a multi-year ministry plan. Classis ministries must support its mission using the following criteria:

  • Ministries serve to create and support healthy congregations and allow them to better carry out their local ministries;
  • Ministries have the strong support and/or involvement of a significant number of congregations;
  • Ministries are affordable and served with the appropriate personnel resources;
  • Ministries require support because they are too large for any one congregation to carry out.

The Classical Interim Committee will develop an outline of ministries and develop a schedule to review them, using the above criteria, to determine that they are viable and on-going Classis initiatives.

We hope this site will give you a glimpse as to who we are and provide you with the information about us that you desire. Click here for an informative brochure, which can be printed on 6 letter size pages.

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