Clas·sis [ klįssiss ]

1. The organization of pastors and elders that governs a group of local churches;

2. The group of churches governed by such an organization.


Welcome to the official internet home of Classis Alberta North of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Organized in 1956 and incorporated as a society in the Province of Alberta in 2006, Classis Alberta North has 27 organized churches, 3 emerging churches, and a campus ministry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. A classis in the Christian Reformed denomination is a group of congregations in a geographic area which work together for the purpose of helping each other with their ministries. The stated purpose of Classis Alberta North is:

  • To encourage member congregations to faithful and creative ministry;
  • To jointly undertake ministries of common interest;
  • To participate in denominational ministries and governance;
  • To hold member congregations mutually accountable for their work of ministry, and to provide appropriate resources for these ministries.
We hope this site will give you a glimpse as to who we are and provide you with the information about us that you desire. Click here for an informative brochure, which can be printed on 6 letter size pages.

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